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About Development Microfinance Limited

Economic Empowerment of Our Clients for Positive Transformation

DMF is a Company Limited by shares. It operates in Eastern, central and western Uganda to improve the livelihood of marginalized households and financially enabling them to turn economic opportunities into fortunes for economic and social empowerment. The Company currently operates – eight (8) branches in five districts.

Team Work

We work with our clients to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way

Customer Care

Emotional connections with our clients is key


We operate in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are being performed.


We build good relationships and trust with our loan clients.

Save Money & Time: Able to transact using different channels(MSACCO), anytime, from anywhere. No need to travel to the banking hall anymore.
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  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Strategy


    Economic Empowerment of Our Clients for Positive Transfromation


    To offer quality micro finance services that will improve the livelihood of our clients for a better living and promote enterprise development


    This Business Plan that DMF has developed lays the foundation to guide the organization in pursuit of medium and long term strategies. The formulation of the business plan was guided by the realization of the organizations’ mission while living the core values. Accordingly, the formulation included all staff, Management and the Directors to ensure ownership and actual implementation of the plan.


We offer individual, group and civil servant loan products

Business Loans

Our target market is already existing businesses such as shops, restaurants

Transport Loans

Our target market is Boda Boda groups, associations, taxi, Coasters, Cargo trucks

School Fees Loans

Our target market is parents and students in primary, secondary, University and other Tertiary institutions

Home Improvement Loans

Already existing Clients with homes and wish to do facelift, installations, buy other house items

Agriculture Loans

Our target market are rural farmers, produce dealers

Emergency Loans

All existing and exceptional good savers, good loan paying clients. Interest is charged on a flat rate basis

Construction Loans

Our target market is clients in real estate, all those with a construction project

Group Guarantee Loans

Designed to cater for individuals without formal or informal collateral security and engaged in an economic activity

Civil Servant Loans

For all clients on government payroll scheme

Development Microfinance Team

Our Top Management Team